About Us

As Potos Tours, we are out to transform ordinary trips to Thassos into extraordinary ones. We bring to you carefully-thought-out offerings, excursions, and trips at competitive prices, thereby offering you a unique experience unlike any other. With Potos Tours, you are guaranteed to make the most out of your trip. Most importantly, you are assured that we will go above and beyond to make your experience as outstanding as you have envisioned.

Potos Tours is way more than just offering trips. Instead, it is about creating memorable moments for you as our customer. We want your travels to turn into amazing stories that you will get to share with your friends and family, even years after you’ve completed them. We are committed to showing you the best of Thassos, and giving you, our Potos Tours customer, the best that Potos Tours has to offer.

Experience it All

We have unique offerings with carefully curated activities to ensure that you get the most out of your trip. All our guides are local to Thassos Island, born and raised. As such, they know of some hidden gems on the Island that you would not typically see if you went touring all by yourself. At Potos Tour, our goal is for you to experience everything that the Island has to offer. This includes but is not limited to its hidden beaches, hidden historic locations to the more mainstream and popular tourist destination.

Porto Vathy Beach Thassos
Limenaria City Thassos

Made for Travelers

Potos Tours has the traveler in mind. We understand that there are travelers who move around on a budget and those who would like to enjoy a luxury experience. We cater to everyone across that spectrum. We still go above and beyond to make sure even the traveler on a budget experiences pretty much all that Thassos Island has to offer.

Made for Corporates

Potos Tours is also well-equipped to provide organized tours for large companies and parties. We offer B2B partnerships that are specifically curated and designed to provide the best tour services and packages for such large groups of people, companies, and businesses. We offer car rentals, along with tour operators for our corporate customers, and handle everything for them, from start to finish. This allows for an excellent and perfect tour experience for the persons involved. Our B2B partnerships and the offerings that come with them are the best in the industry. This means that your business will get to offer its entire team the trip of a lifetime. They will enjoy it without worrying about the intricacies nor the logistical nightmare that comes with planning for such excursions. We will take care of everything for you.

Archangelos Monastery Thassos
Aliki Beach Thassos

Spreading the Love

With Potos Tours, sharing makes us happy and makes everything that we do worth it. Sharing the fantastic beauty of Thassos Island with you brings us joy. Giving you the best deal, seeing you enjoy your trip and make memories makes us ecstatic. Sharing our Thassos Island love with you makes us love what we do even more.

Do Not Settle for Less

Potos Tours is all about giving you value for your money. Why pay more and enjoy less? Potos Tours is not about any of that. We will provide you with the best Thassos Island experience that you can get. You will find unbeatable activities for your family or even for yourself as a solo traveler. It is all about you and giving you nothing but an incredible experience.

Old Harbour in Limenas Thassos
Limenaria Port Thassos


At Potos Tours, we are all about conducting our business sustainably. We believe that if everyone in the industry did that, the little efforts would compound, leading to a better Thassos, from an environmental and sustainability standpoint, and a better world, in the grand scheme of things. The little we can do with regards to sustainably offering our Thassos tour services, we do. We also encourage all of our customers to embrace it too. We can change the world, one customer, at a time, and that does not always mean diluting the overall Thassos tour experience. On the contrary, it means proving that you can still enjoy a Thassos tour and still make the entire experience sustainable.

Travel Has Never Been Easier

Let Potos Tours handle everything for you. Simply select the service you want, and we will take care of everything else for you, from airport pickup to hotel transfers, pickups, and drop-offs. All you have to do is enjoy the trip and focus on you having a fantastic time with us.

Thassos Beach aerial View

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